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Kelly Hargadon

Excellent customer care and professionalism - the level of knowledge and expertise is impressive and very helpful. Their thoroughness and willingness to go above and beyond demonstrates their commitment to giving you value while providing guidance to you along the way. You won’t be disappointed with Specialists Accounting!

Bill  Berg

I was with my accountant for 27 years and the last few years the level of caring just was not there. I was very lucky to find Specialists Accounting and Georgia. She has not just been my accountant but also my business coach. Since being with her she has helped me streamline my business and increase profit. I highly recommend her services.

Ken Badziak

Georgia has been my accountant now for coming on two years. She's very attentive to detail, and her work was very well received. Furthermore, she's very personable. She genuinely cares about me and my kids, dropping a line every now and then just to say hello and to check up on us. I've worked with many different accountants over the past decade, and I can honestly say, Georgia is my favorite. She's personable, thorough, attentive to detail and extremely friendly. A pleasure to work with!

Eric Cann

Georgia was excellent with my bookkeeping and taxes. She is extremely thorough and helped me get my business organized! She's the best. I highly recommend.

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