Let us take on the worry so you don't have to. 

Sole Proprietors - Schedule C

Owners of Single-Member LLCs can count on us to assist with more than tax filing. We take care of compiling financials for those who do not have bookkeepers and advise on the right strategies to optimize the tax benefits IRS has to offer.


We handle Schedule-C filings with:

  • Depreciation Schedules

  • Foreign Income/Taxes

  • Simple/SEP IRAs

  • Health & Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Gains or Losses on Capital Assets 

  • Electing alternative Self-Employment Tax Calculations in years of Net/Loss

  • Tax Basis Reconciliations

  • 1099-NEC Preparation


Partnerships - 1065

Multi-member LLCs taxed as partnerships have come to the right place. Our tax services cover the full life cycles of partnerships from start-up to growth to maturity.


We take care of partnerships with:

  • General and Limited Partners

  • Guaranteed Payments

  • Section 179 Depreciation

  • Foreign Income/Taxes

  • Gains/Losses on Capital Assets

  • Spousal Partnerships with Self-Employed Tax Requirements

  • Tax Basis Computations

  • K-1s for Each Partner 

  • 1099-NEC Preparation


Small Business Corporation - 1120s

Small Business Corporations tax filing comes with a lot of complexities that sometimes confuse taxpayers. We assist taxpayers who you are interested in electing to become an S-Corp and have general questions about the benefits of being taxed as an S-Corp.


We handle S-Corps with:

  • Initial S-Corp Election – Form 2553 

  • Preparation of K-1s for Each Shareholder

  • Depreciations Schedules

  • Section 179 & Bonus Depreciation

  • Passive Income

  • Basis Computations

  • Foreign Income/Taxes

  • 1099-NEC Preparation

C-Corporation - 1120

C-Corps are somewhat like S-Corps with the exception that they are themselves taxable entities. We will look at the intricacies of your business and help to maximize your tax benefits as a C-Corporation.


We take care of C-Corps with:

  • Foreign Income/Taxes

  • Employee Retention/Benefits Programs

  • Energy Efficient Strategies

  • 1099-NEC Preparation