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Let us take on the worry so you don't have to. 

Individual Tax Returns - 1040

We take our time to get to know you and gather both financial and non-financial data that may impact your tax return filing. We do this to ensure that your tax filings are both accurate and timely.


We take care of taxpayers with:

  • W-2s

  • 1099 – Misc 

  • Schedule C

  • Rental Income 

  • Dividends 

  • Interest 

  • Foreign Tax Paid 

  • Capital Gains 

  • Itemized Deductions 

  • Clergymen Income 

  • Virtual Assets – Crypto Currency 

  • Social Security benefits

  • Disability Income 

  • Unemployment Income  

  • 401-K Distribution 

  • IRA Distribution 

  • Market Place Health Insurance 

  • State Retirement Benefits 

  • Household Employees

Individual Tax Returns - 1040

Seniors - 1040 SR

As a senior understanding whether you have taxable income can be challenging. At Specialists Accounting, we work with you to determine if your income is taxable and then take care of your filing needs.


We take care of seniors with:

  • Social Security Benefits

  • IRA Distributions

  • 401-K Distributions

  • State Benefits

  • Interest Income

  • Dividends

  • Rental Income

  • Other Passive Income

Seniors - 1040 SR
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