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1040 NR


Non-Residents - 1040 NR

If you are a non-resident with a F, J, K, or B visa, we help to determine whether you should be taxed as a US resident or non-resident. We will also determine if you should be refunded any FICA taxes that may have been deducted from your income if you are taxed as a non-resident.


We handle your:

  • ​Non-resident filing

  • Determine your adjustments to income

  • Declare your time spends in the US by filing Schedule OI

International Income - US Citizens and Permanent Residents

If you reside in the US for tax purposes but you have earned or passive income in a foreign country, you may have a tax liability in that country. We will help you determine your international taxable income and tax obligations as well as work with you to optimize your US tax benefits on your foreign income.

We also handle reporting of:

  • Foreign Bank Accounts (FBAR) more than US$ 10,000 - FinCen Form 114

  • Reporting Foreign Assets if more than
    US$ 50,000 at year end or more than
    US$ 75,000 at any time during the year

  • Foreign Income Exclusion – Form 2555

  • Foreign Taxes Paid – Form 1116

  • Request tax filing extension to meet bonafide foreign residency test

Non-Residents - 1040 NR
International Inome
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